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Copper Weathervanes
Copper Weathervanes

Looking for a beautiful copper weathervane? Weathervanes of Maine, Inc. offers the largest selection of copper weathervanes for you to choose. Browse our weathervane categories to find the perfect weathervane of your choice. All of our weathervanes are handcrafted in 100%b pure copper. We offer small weathervanes for sheds and other small buildings, standard size weathervanes for garages, homes and other common size structures, and large weathervanes for large homes, barns, and commercial buildings.

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Small Weathervanes
Small Copper Weathervanes

Perfectly sized for small buildings including sheds and gazebos, or in the yard or garden.

Our Small Weathervanes Include:
  • Steel Weathervane Rod
  • 12" Directional Set
  • 1" and 2" Copper Balls
  • Brass Ring
  • Weathervane figure of choice (eagle, heron, duck, horse etc.)

Standard Weathervanes
Standard Copper Weathervanes

Our Standard Size Weathervanes fit the vast majority of structures including garages, sheds, homes, gazebos, and other normal size structures. This is the most appropriate size weathervane for all purposes.

Our Standard Weathervanes Include:
  • 2 Piece Steel Weathervane Rod
  • 18" Directional Set
  • 2" and 4" Copper Balls
  • Brass Ring
  • Weathervane figure of choice (eagle, heron, duck, horse etc.)

Large Weathervanes
Large Copper Weathervanes

Our Large Copper Weathervanes are best suited for larger structures including barns, large garages, larger homes, and two or more story structures.

Our Large Weathervanes Include:
  • 2 Piece Steel Weathervane Rod
  • 23" Directional Set
  • 4" and 6" Copper Balls
  • Brass Ring
  • Weathervane figure of choice (eagle, heron, duck, horse etc.)

Choosing a Weathervane

When choosing a weathervane you first should decide which size weathervane you require. Use our choosing the proper size weathervane page for help. Depending if you want to install the weathervane on your shed, garage, barn, or other structure will determine the proper size. We offer small or cottage/garden weathervanes for sheds, smaller buildings, or in the garden. We offer our standard or full size weathervanes which are the most versatile, best sized on garages, gazebos, and homes. Our large weathervanes are best sized on large garages, barns, and other large buildings. We offer every possible weathervane style you can imagine, from eagles, herons, horses, and roosters, we have it all. We also offer custom weathervanes if you are looking for the most unique, one of a kind weathervane. You may also want to consider one of our cupolas to display your beautiful weathervane.