How to Choose the Right Size Cupola

The rule of thumb for choosing the right size cupola is: 'For every foot of roof line, you should have 1"-1.25" of cupola width. So, measure the roof line of your building and times it by 1"-1.25".

Below are a few examples of our more popular sizes using this rule of thumb. Click on any picture for an enlarged view.

30" Cupola
For bigger garages from 1 1/2 to 3 cars or other 28 to 30 foot wide building you need our 30" cupola.
26" Cupola
For any building between 24 and 26 feet wide you need our 26" cupola.
22" Cupola
For structures with a width in the 20 to 22 foot range you need our 22" cupola.
14" & 18" Cupolas
For smaller structures 6 to 14 feet wide, like sheds and well houses, you will need our 14" cupola.
A one-car garage or any other building 16 to 18 feet wide needs one of our 18" cupolas.
36" Cupola
For your house, barn or any building 34 to 36 feet wide our 36" cupola is perfect.

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