Kinetic Wind Spinners and Wind Sculptures

Our Kinetic Wind Spinners and Wind Sculptures spin in the wind with just the slightest breeze. Each wind spinner is made of copper plated metal or a heavy-duty acrylic insuring the wind sculptures will entertain you for years to come. Kinetic Wind Spinners and Wind Sculptures will transform your garden, patio, deck and home into an enchanting showplace of movement. To insure maximum enjoyment and entertainment always mount the wind spinner for viewing from inside the home as well as in your yard. All Wind Spinners include an S-hook swivel to make hanging easier and provide maximum spinning.

Our Kinetic Spinners spin with the slightest breeze. These beautiful sculptures are sure to be the focal point of any yard or garden. The blades spin in opposite directions creating the fascinating visual affect to any yard or garden. We offer a variety of yard or deck designs.

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Hanging Copper Wind Spinners




Yard Pole Copper Wind Spinners

Our kinetic copper wind sculptures and spinners are handcrafted of 100% pure copper with brass hardware and sealed bearings. These copper wind sculptures are perfectly balanced and made to spin in just 1-2mph. The poles are heavy guage copper and include three copper mounting stakes to add support. Our copper wind sculptures will add beauty to any yard or garden for decades to come and will develop a beautiful green patina over time.

Copper Wind Spinner 3

60"H x 24"W

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